Boilers and steam services

Boiler Service
      We offer planned preventive maintenance service, which include;

a) Routine Maintenance:
Continuous and frequent maintenance services. The frequency of the services depends on the condition of the boiler and the agreement by the client. During the service we check, test, clean and repair the boiler and the accessories to ensure they are in optimum condition.

Service in preparation for annual inspection- We open, cleans the boiler and accessories to facilitate cold inspection. Repairs are carried out as found necessary, steam test and tuning is carried out after reassembling the boiler. Both cold steam tests are carried out in presence of a boiler inspector.

b) Emergency Attendance.
We attend to Emergency Breakdown within reasonable time after notification through our Emergency cell phone, Landline or Fax.

c)  Boiler Spare Parts
 We are specialist in Nu-Way, Sackee and Hamworthy Boiler Burner Spares. These include; Fuel pump, ignition transformers, photocell, solenoid valves, control boxes etc. We supply these spares among others at very competitive rates. We also service/ repair where applicable.

d) Boiler Accessories
 We supply and service other boiler safety and control accessories, that is safety valves, water level controls, steam valves, blowdown valves etc.

e) Steam and Condensate Pipework
We design and install steam distribution pipework.
These include; steam pressure reducing station, steam valves, steam trap set, condensate return pipework etc. We carry out routine check/ service on steam and condensate pipework.

f) Insulation
We carry out lagging and cladding on steam and condensate pipework to prevent heat loses.

g) Boiler Efficiency Test
We carry out combustion gases analysis to work out the boiler efficiency test. This help in analyzing the fuel consumption, condition of heat transfers on the boiler shell and help in turning up the boiler.

Partners & Clients

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